About Us

Ian Ramsdell Iraq

Bearded Bastard Blades was founded by me, Ian Ramsdell. I am a disabled veteran who was medically retired from the US Military as a wounded warrior after serving for 15 years. I currently am a full-time student, Co-run a nonprofit (The New England Warriors), and launched this business in January 2019. 

Ian Ramsdell with Iraqi Military

I came into knife making by accident when my brother brought me an old stick welder a friend had given him. I was messing around and decided to build a forge to manipulate metal, which caused me to start to watch large quantities of YouTube videos on how to make knives. This, in turn, made me start to follow the makers who were making high-quality blades and knives, which made me want to emulate these makers. 

Ian Ramsdell Filthy after a day in the forge

In January 2019, I decided to launch my hobby/passion as a small business. I am more active on Instagram where I share my creations and projects. I am hoping to learn to launch a successful YouTube channel in the future as well. 


Contact Us

Phone: Ian Ramsdell (757)-470-1098

Mailing Address: 34 Holbrook Dr, Nashua, NH 03062

Email: ramsdelli@me.com