Can you get started on my order immediately?

Start times may vary, depending on the time of year and scope of the project and previous custom orders. The books on my custom knives are on a first come first serve basis.

How long does it take to make a blade?

The time it takes to produce a custom knife can greatly vary depending on the intricacy of the knife. Where a small four-inch knife takes just a little over a day, a custom large bladed knife can take 10 plus days.

How far in advance should I place my order for a special occasion, birthday, Christmas, etc?

Place an order as far in advance as possible is highly encouraged. An order can usually be completed within two to three weeks depending on how busy we are in the forge- but it is a good idea to contact us to see if it is at all possible that anything can be done sooner.

Will you do a drawing or a model of my custom order before making the actual piece?

With most projects, we draw up a sketch before making the blade. This sketch helps us to show you the vision we have for your project. The sketch gives you the opportunity to make any adjustments to your knife, and for us to alleviate any questions and concerns you may have about your project before we start heating up and hammering metal. We are in no way a professional artist for drawing, we work better in metal.

I do not know what materials or design I want. Can you assist me in making a selection?

Absolutely! We can help you with choosing materials and design. We can also assist you in determining the shape of your blade depending on your use for it. We can also further explain the different types of handle materials and their properties. Anything from resin, bone, leather, wood, antler, mircarta, or hybrid (combined resin w/other materials). There are many other handle materials on the market. Just search knife handle scales or knife handle materials.

What type of maintenance is required for a Bearded Bastard Blade?

High carbon steel, which all Bearded Bastard Blades are constructed from, tend to tarnish with use, particularly when in contact with anything acidic. This is entirely normal. To minimize the tarnish, we highly always recommend keeping your blade dry and with a thin amount of oil on the surface. Natural mineral oil will suffice.

How do I sharpen my Bearded Bastard Blades Knife?

NEVER use a powered device to sharpen our blades. These devices typically have different angles that will change the geometry of the edge of your blade. We recommend using a steel honing stick (Similar to the metal rods that come with mass-produced kitchen knife sets). If that does not seem to make the edge sharper, try a porcelain rod which is a slightly more aggressive method. It doesn’t take much skill to use these tools. If you have more experience sharpening blades, you can use a very fine sharpening stone. If you are not comfortable sharpening your knife, NorthStar Forge also offers blade sharpening services.

Is there a warranty included with my purchase?

Yes, we guarantee all of our knives with regular usage. This means edge retention, handle construction, and blade strength. Keep in mind rock always beats steel!

Do you ship anywhere in the U.S.?


Is there a referral program for Bearded Bastard Blades?

Yes – for every 5 referrals that can be tracked to you directly, with a credit for 10% of those 5 total purchases combined. Example, if all 5 referrals purchase an item for $1,000 (or $5,000 combined), you will receive a credit for 10% of the total: $500.

What is Damascus steel?

Also known as pattern welded steel, Damascus steel uses two different types of steels and layers (one high carbon, and one high carbon nickel alloy steel) them in an alternating formation. For example, a combination Bearded Bastard Blades uses involves forging a high carbon 1095 steel and a high nickel steel 15-N20 together to form one homogeneous piece of steel. Once the steel is forged, shaped, ground, and heat-treated, it is then etched in an acid to bring out the distinct pattern. The high carbon steel is less resistant to the acid than the nickel alloy steel creating the instantly identifiable Damascus pattern.

A common misconception is that Damascus steel is a harder or stronger type of steel than any other steels, but in reality, Damascus steel cannot be any harder or tougher than the steel it was originally made from. The appeal of Damascus steel comes from its exceptional pattern that is always one of a kind.

What is the difference between a full-tang blade design and a hidden-tang design?

In a full- tang design, the blade is visible throughout the length of the handle. In a hidden-tang design, the handle conceals the blade within itself.

We guarantee every blade we sell will live up to our reputation for quality in craftsmanship and materials.

In the event of a covered failure, we will attempt to repair your knife to its original condition; if that is not possible, we will replace it with one of a comparable style and equal or greater value. We do not warranty against normal wear or damage caused by neglect, abuse or lack of reasonable care. Aftermarket modifications, disassembly or alterations are not covered and void all warranties expressed or implied.

Warranty Repair:
​Our warranty covers any unaltered Bearded Bastard Blade for life. To obtain warranty service, send your knife with a short note indicating the concern, contact info and a check or money order for $15 to cover return shipping to:
Ian Ramsdell

ICO: Bearded Bastard Blades
34 Holbrook Dr

Nashua, NH 03062

Questions? Email us at: ian@beardedbastardblades.com
 Phone: 757-470-1098
We highly recommend sending your blade through a service that allows you to track the shipping service and insuring the blade. We are not responsible for items lost or stolen during transit.

How do I order a custom knife or blade? 

To order a custom knife, you can either message me directly, email or order one through the website if you would like a knife similar to one already created. A custom order that is not listed on the website requires a deposit of 50% of the price of the knife or blade before work will be started. 

How do I pay for my order?

You can either check out through the website or PayPal or mail a check, money order or cashier’s check to us. To protect us as a small business, the order will not be started until after the funds have been cleared and the money is deposited into the bank. 

Mail to:

Ian Ramsdell

Attn: Bearded Bastard Blades

34 Holbrook Dr

Nashua, NH 03062

What can I expect when I order?

I will be in contact shortly after you contact us. I will be asking specifics on the type, size, length, handle material, and design of the blade. This will allow me to give the final price you will pay for the Blade. I will not start the design or begin the project until the deposit is paid. Before work is started, I will be contacting you on the finalization of the design. After the work is started, any changes in the design will be additional costs that will be determined. If work has progressed past the design change the purchaser wants to be changed, then there will be a much higher fee attached due to that change. This is due to the loss of materials, manpower lost, and added time to begin other custom orders. Please KNOW what you want before work begins.

What is damascus?

Unfortunately, the manner in which historic Damascus Wootz steel was produced was lost around the time of the industrial revolution. What is currently called damascus is pattern-welded steel. It is made from two different alloys of steel, one high carbon and one nickel alloy high carbon steel. It is heated to a certain point and pressure is applied, which causes the steel to become a homogeneous piece of metal which can then be formed into the final product.  When it has been almost finished, the blade is then dipped into an acid or acidic formula to etch the pattern. This is due to the steel eating away at the high carbon steel (black part) and leaving the nickel alloy steel (bright part) alone. This results in the pattern you see in the blade once it is completed.