How to Order

To order a custom knife you can either message me directly, email me or order one through the website if you would like a knife similar to one already created. A custom order that is not listed on the website requires a deposit of 50% of the price of the knife or blade before work will be started. 

Step 1: 

Figure out what type of blade profile you would like to order. Once you find the one you like I recommend you then conduct a Google image search to see the variations of that blade profile. This may change the design you want or steer you towards an entirely different type of blade. Once you have the blade type, make sure you want that exact blade profile. There will be additional costs for any changes made after my design process starts. I could be at a point where I would have to start from the beginning of the entire process to accommodate new changes, resulting in the loss of the raw materials used up until that point.

Step 2: 

Once I finish the drawing I will send you a copy for you to finalize the final design and then make the deposit of 50% of the cost of the blade. This is to cover all the materials that will be needed to begin your project. I will also ask you to start looking for the type of handle material you wish to have on your blade or send pictures of the handle material I currently have in stock. 

Step 3:

I will begin the forging and shaping process of your specific blade. Once this starts I will occasionally send pictures and videos of the process. If there are other blades in front of yours, I will inform you of this and the potential start of your project. Once I begin your blade, I may email or text if I have any concerns or questions. It is imperative that you contact me back ASAP or it could result in delays in the process. 

Step 4: 

It is important to remember that these are handcrafted and hand-forged products. I do not use precision machining or manufacturing processes. This can result in slight modifications and alterations to the end product. Most are very slight and are hardly noticeable. However, on occassion, there may be more severe defects in the forging process. If that is the case I will contact you directly to discuss the problems and my recommended corrections for your blade and we will move forward from there.

Step 5:

I will finish the forging and shaping process and move onto the finishing process. This includes the heat-treatment of the blade, then the gluing and fixing of the handle to the tang. as well as final grinding and hand-sanding. After the final sanding process, it is time for your blade to be etched in acid and reveal the pattern that will be etched from your blade. This pattern is unique to each and every blade. 

Step 6:

I will find or create a suitable display case and modify it to the blade. I will then shape and create the leather sheath if one was ordered with the blade. 

Step 7: 

Shipping. I will ship the final blade to you with insurance to protect both of our interests. I will send the tracking information to you. upon receipt of the blade, you must notify me in writing of any damage to the package within 48 hours of receipt of the blade or the minimum amount of time to file a damage claim through the shipping company. If you fail to do so then you are accepting all responsibility and declare the item was received in good condition. 

Step 8:

Enjoy the lifetime of use and the aesthetically pleasing aspects of the pattern.